Sunday 5 January 2014

Out of the Darkness

We had a major snow and wind storm on Friday and a fire at one of our power generator sites which left most of the island without power yesterday and there are still around 35000 people without power.

Mom stayed here Friday night and we lost power around 9 Saturday morning. Around 4pm my sister called and said there was power on at Mom's building but neither one of wanted to drive since there was still a lot of wind and with the lights out across town they were telling people to stay off the roads. When Albert got off work at 5 he came and drove us to Mom's where we stayed last night. The lights cam on here at lunchtime but we stayed at Mom's until after supper to give the house time to warm up.

Aaron was suppose to start school tomorrow but they've decided to keep the schools closed until Wed to conserve power and they said we may have rolling blackouts.

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