Monday 18 August 2014

NO progress this week

cause I did something very stupid.

Aaron's therapist had her last day with us on Thursday, we're in the process of hiring someone new, but since she wouldn't be back on Monday I decided to dig out the room and give it a good clean on Friday. Since Mom and Albert were here in the afternoon so I figured I'd have help cleaning and someone to keep an eye on Aaron.

We took everything out of the room and vacuumed. I took the shelves down to wipe them but left the brackets on the wall, don't ever, ever do that. When I walked back into the room I saw something on the floor and as bent down to pick it up I stabbed myself with the bracket just below my brow bone. 1/2 inch lower and I could have lost sight in my eye, luckily I'm fine, I just look hellish.

I got a small gash which Albert thinks wasn't caused by the bracket since it is horizontal and may have been a tear of my skin, my eye is purple and will visit every colour of the rainbow, and my sister came by (she's a nurse) and said not to be surprized if it swells shut.

Lesson learned

Luckily, it didn't swell shut but it did swell enough that I couldn't stitch or do any of the other things I had planned while Aaron was at Mom's for a sleep over.  Now it looks like I was on the loosing end of a fight but at least the swelling and bruising will go away, it could have been much worse.

Friday 15 August 2014

August Cross Canada Blog Hop

Welcome to our August Blog Hop featuring alternative ways to use your Picture My Life cards.

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If you have just hopped onto my blog, you can start here as this is a circular hop, but if you want to follow us across Canada then please start at the beginning and join Julie at 12x12 travels.  If you've come from Julie's blog then you are in the right place!

I've made a couple of cards using Picture My Life.  The first using the Avonlea cards and the second using the Babycakes set. ( Sorry for the crappy pictures, I need to learn to take better pictures of my work.)

For this one I added some Teal Shimmer Trim and a Red Sparkle.

For this one I added some Baker's Twine and 3 Epoxy Bubbles

Your next stop on the Cross Canada Hop is Michelle If you get lost along the way, you can head to Michelle's blog, as she has the complete blog list.

Thanks for hopping along with us - we hope we were able to inspire you to get creative using some of the designs, products and techniques seen along the way. We hope you will join us again next month when we will be featuring Favorite New Products.  So mark September 15th on your calendars and hop along with us.

Monday 11 August 2014

Happy mail, happy day

Received the beads and thread I need to finish Lily of the Valley.  I'm very happy I don't have to put her away to wait.  I haven't been stitching that much the last few days.  I've been trying to clean and organize the house before Aaron goes back to school.

Here is a progress pic of Lilly

Aaron's uncle (his dad's brother) got married on Saturday and we went to the church service and to the park where they had some family pictures taken.  Here are a couple of pictures, one of Aaron and I at the house before the wedding and one of Aaron at the park.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Up the pond

Today is the 196th Royal St. John's Regatta.  It's a favorite day for me, I love going to the pond, not so much for the races but for the food, the games of chance and the atmosphere.  The regatta usually draws around 50,000 people to the shores of Quidi Vidi Lake.  It's also an odd day cause it always falls on the first Wed of August, weather permitting and it's a Municipal holiday for St. John's but if you work in any of the surrounding towns it isn't a holiday.

In other news I paid my deposit for a scrapbooking retreat in Nov.  I went to the Spring retreat in April for the first time and had a blast so I decided to do the fall one as well.  It's at a church camp about 45 min outside St. John's.  The accommodations are basic, 2 sets of bunk beds per room and bring your own linens, but the company and the food were well worth the price.  Last time I went with 4 friends and there were three other girls there that I knew, this time none of my friends have signed up yet but I know know 20 more people so I'm sure I'll have a great time.

Aaron went to Nanny's for a sleep over last night so I got some progress made on Lily of the Valley.

Saturday 2 August 2014

Finally progress

We had a busy weekend last week with the whole family here on Sunday to celebrate Aaron's birthday.  Then on Monday since it was his actual birthday My mom, sisters and I took him out for supper.

Tuesday threw a real wrench into our lives as Aaron's home therapist gave her notice.  I knew it was going to happen since she is working with three families now and both Aaron and one of the other boys will both be in school full time in Sept.  I just knew there was no way to fit the hours both need into after school, especially when the therapist is starting a distance ed program as well.  We are optimistic that we will find someone else, if not before she goes than before school starts.

Needless to say I haven't done much stitching this week, but I sat down last night and after a minor frogging session I have progress of Lily of the Valley.  She now has two arms and one wing is completed.