Tuesday 18 June 2013

6 months!!!!

Has it really been 6 months since I posted.  Between colds, allergies, work, therapy, camera and computer problems,etc, etc, etc  the year has just flown by at warp speed.

I'm hoping I'm back and going to post more often.

Aaron's room is finished and I'll be posting pictures of the completed room in a day or two.  I've painted a pantry cupboard and added it to the dining room, those pictures are coming.

I'm heading to Florida next Tuesday for the CTMH convention and you will be overloaded with those pictures.

My lia Sophia business has been growing every month and I'm very pleased with that.

Mr Aaron is finishing Kindergarten on Thursday so I'll share some pictures of his school year on the weekend.

Hopefully this is just the start of things to come.

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