Thursday 27 June 2013


Hey everyone, I'm in Florida for the CTMH convention.  Sorry I haven't posted before, just way to busy.

I arrived on Tuesday around supper time in spite of a unannounced gate change in Newark, and met up with my roommates Brenda and Joann.  After we ate we went to the Outlets on Vineland Ave.  I bought a few things for Aaron but nothing for myself, just to tired to try things.

Yesterday we headed to Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  Brenda had never been before and it's been 25 years since I was here last.  We had lots of fun but it was very hot and my legs are killing me.  The girls had meetings with their CTMH teams after supper so I headed back to Magic Kingdom again until 10.  We're off to Epcot again for the Twilight ticket CTMH gave us so I'll leave you with a few pictures and post about the business side of my convention later

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  1. Oh fun! I haven't been to Disney since 1986. We need to take our boys before they are grown and gone!