Thursday 13 September 2012

A Great Tip

Tiffany at The Nest Effect posted a creat tip that will allow us bloggers to respond to comments on our blogs.  Check it out.

Love, love, love when I receive comments. They make my day. Honest.

Many comments that are left are questions or statements that deserve some followup. But, if your email address isn't linked to your Google Profile or you don't leave your email address in the post, I can't respond!

Unless it's a giveaway post and I'm receiving comments for entries, I really try to respond to every single comment that I'm left. Even if it's just one that says that you love my blog. Hello! I love your positive feedback. I want to email you back and THANK YOU!

A few months ago Shelley, from The House of Smiths, wrote a blog post on this topic. Now I know why.

I'm going to show you how to change this setting.

This is what I get when I try to reply to a comment without a linked email address: Boo!

If you comment with your Google account, then it will make you "sign up for Blogger" before leaving your first comment. This doesn't mean you have to create a blog or anything, it just means you have to create a profile with Blogger so you can comment with your Google account. You can change all of the profile details to make it as anonymous as you'd like once you create the profile.

Once you sign up for Blogger, you'll need to go to to edit your profile.

Then you'll need to click "show my email address" and "save profile". You can change the email address that is associated with this feature on this page as well - under "identity" and "email address". You can always use your "junk mail" account or set up an email with Gmail for this.

Your email address will not literally show up in your Blogger profile. It will show like this:

When you leave a comment for me, I receive an email with your comment, and your email address will automatically be the "reply to" email (if you go through these steps and enable this feature). Pretty simple.

All in all, I'd really like to be able to respond to each one of you. You can always leave your email address in the comment for me like this: tiffany (at) That way it can't be picked up by spam bots because it's not technically a real email typed like that.

Thank you! =]

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